Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)

( LeSS ) is a way of scaling agile and scaling scrum to large and big product development groups. We are partners with Venkatesh Krishnamurthy, who is the only Certified LeSS Trainer in Australia. Venky has experience knowledge of LeSS and has work closely with the co-founder of the framework, Craig Larman.

Tabar will be running the 3 day Certified LeSS Practitioner course and shorter Introduction to LeSS courses in 2017.

You're able to read more about Venky and the origins of LeSS by clicking this link.

Next Course

Wednesday 7 June through to Friday 9 June 2017
This training will be held at Cliftons located at 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000


About the Certified LeSS Practitioner Course

The Certified LeSS Practitioner Principles to Practices course provides the most practical and actionable approach to creating value through the scaling of Scrum related Agile in global enterprises and distributed teams.  Click here for

LeSS is packed with proven advice and  best practices for achieving value fast on large and complex projects.

It provides a start-to-finish approach for large initiatives across the entire project spectrum and lifecycle, starting from sprint planning to retrospective. 

LeSS enables the scaling of:

  • Scrum for large-scale projects
  • Requirements, planning, and product management
  • Design and architecture
  • Management of defects and interruptions
  • Scrum across multisite and offshore projects
  • Change strategies and organisational designs.

Trainer - Venkatesh Krishnamurthy

Venky is Australia's only LeSS Certified Trainer. He has extensive experience working with LeSS in complex, corporate situations, and has worked closely with LeSS co-inventor, Craig Larman.

Venky is a speaker, thought leader and published author specializing in the application of Lean and Agile principles into major corporations and programs of work. He has held leadership positions across Australia, USA, Europe and Asia and has been known to apply agile methods including: Scrum, XP, Kanban, SAFe and Systems Thinking to deliver outcomes for customers.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at managers and team members who are involved in large agile project and development initiatives. The course provides certification for practioners.


It is a 3-day course that presents LeSS Principles, Rules and Practices.


  1. Why LeSS?
  2. LeSS Principles
  3. LeSS Rules
  4. LeSS Structure - Feature teams, Scrum Master, Role of Managers
  5. LeSS Product - Definition of Done, Product Owner, Product Backlog, Backlog Refinement
  6. LeSS Sprint - Sprint Planning, Coordination and Integration, Sprint Review and Retrospectives


Each of the eight topics includes an exploration of applying the practices using individual and team exercises. The exercises illustrates how to transfer the training into practice.

Every exercise ends with a debrief and a discussion, so that people can relate what they've learned to their own situation, and bring up questions and experiences to be addressed by the whole group.