Personal Kanban FTW

It was a lot of fun presenting on Kanban at 1stConf last week, it was a popular session and special thanks to Neil and Martin for helping make it fun. 

In my talk I gave out Personal Kanban boards and I've had a lot of fun using them myself, here is the design, inspired by Sandy at Nomad8

I've found myself wanting to cary around the printed kanban with me and I've discovered a relatively easy way:

I rolled up a blank A4 piece of paper and used sticky tape to turn it into a tube for the board to slide into. As a bonus the sticky notes fit in the tube along with sharpie and bluetac. I need plenty of bluetac to flatten out the board after storage.  

Hope you enjoy you Personal Kanban boards! If you want the slides from my talk get in touch below.

Upcoming Training

I'm doing a 1 or 2 day Intro to Kanban on the 16th / 17th April in Melbourne. If you or someone you know would like to attend please check it out.